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Stress Reduction:
Improved Focus and Concentration:
Emotional Resilience:
About Me

Serene Breath: Enhancing Well-being through Breathwork

Serene Breath is a specialized breathwork service, aimed at promoting relaxation, reducing stress, improving mind - body connection and overall well-being. Breathwork involves conscious control of the breath to achieve specific outcomes, ranging from calming the nervous system to enhance mental clarity.

Our program integrates evidence-based breathwork techniques into a structured curriculum, providing a valuable resource for schools and their students.

Key benefits of Serene Breath:

Mindful Breath Sessions 
Stress Reduction
Improved Focus and Concentration
Emotional Resilience

Experience the transformative power of intentional breathing with Serene Breath, and join us in nurturing a generation of emotionally resilient and thriving individuals. Elevating well-being, ONE BREATH  at a time.

About us

At Kuremic , we are committed to staying up-to-date on the latest research and trends in child health and wellness. We aim to be a leader and innovator in the field by continuously evolving and providing the most current and effective services. By focusing on the overall health and wellness of children, we aim to be a valuable resource for families, educators, and healthcare providers.


Our ultimate goal is to contribute towards a brighter future for all.


Through our comprehensive approach, partnerships with knowledge centers, and dedication to continuous improvement, we make a real difference in the lives of children and families. We believe that by promoting physical and mental health, as well as personal growth, we are shaping a better generation of young people who will lead fulfilling, productive lives and thrive.

MindPulse: Psychological Assessment

In-depth psychological assessments that go beyond surface-level evaluations, providing insights to support emotional well-being and mental health

NutriVibe: Nutritional Assessment

Tailored nutritional assessments to ensure your child receives a proper nourishment there by promoting healthy growth and development.

VitalStride: Physical Assessment

Holistic physical assessments focusing on overall well-being, identifying potential health issues and promoting an active lifestyle.

SocialHarbor: Social Awareness Programs​

Engaging projects that promote social skills and emotional connection, resilience, and effective communication methods, fostering personal growth and development.


  1. How can I enroll my child in your health programs?

    • Enrolling your child is simple! Visit our website and navigate to the 'Enroll Now' section, where you can follow the easy steps to register and access our comprehensive health programs.

  2. Are your assessments and programs age-specific?

    • Yes, our assessments and programs are carefully tailored to different age groups, ensuring that they are age-appropriate and effective for each stage of a child's development.

  3. How often are physical assessments conducted?

    • Physical assessments are conducted at regular intervals, with the frequency varying based on age and specific health needs. Our aim is to provide proactive health monitoring for every child.

  4. Can parents access the assessment reports online?

    • Yes, parents can easily access their child's assessment reports through our secure online portal. The reports are designed to be clear, comprehensive, and easily understandable.

  5. What support is provided for psychological assessments?

    • Our MindPulse psychological assessments come with detailed reports and, if necessary, recommendations for further support. We also offer counseling services for both students and parents to address any concerns.

  6. How can schools partner with KUREMIC for social awareness programs?

    • Schools interested in our Social programs can get in touch through our 'Contact Us' section. We work closely with schools to customize programs that align with their educational goals and values.

  7. What distinguishes KUREMIC from other health tech companies?

    • Kuremic stands out through its holistic approach to child health, incorporating physical, mental, and emotional well-being into comprehensive assessments and programs. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of research ensures we provide the most effective and innovative services for our community.

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